Education Matters: Students Creating Companies at eStem School

LITTLE ROCK, AR – You might think about becoming an entrepreneur while studying in school, but what about bringing the vision to life right now in the classroom.

Students at eStem in Little Rock are creating companies through an organization and class called Noble Impact.

For them, lessons are about much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. They are talking about ways to build a business. One of the creators of the concept is their teacher, Chad Williamson.

“Yeah, it was founded by Steve Clark out of Northwest Arkansas. His son came home one day and said there’s no purpose, there’s no reason. Our thought process was okay, how do we find purpose, how do we give kids reason to be engaged and want to do things?,” Williamson says.

For Sydney Brazil, who opened “The Hole Thing,” a gourmet donut shop, it didn’t start out that way. At first, it was just plain donut holes. However, the class taught her to have a point of difference.

“So now it’s more desserts, like chocoloate cookies, brownie holes, things like that, but I’m also trying to bump up the gourmet side, so I make the espresso donut holes, lemon lavender holes,” she explains.

Wyatt Clough and two other students started a company called “Tow N’Stow.”

“Portable bins like on a trailer for things like races, concerts and festivals,” says Clough.  

Williamson says the creations of Sydney and Wyatt’ are just the beginning.

“To me, it’s just the tip,” he says.

Sydney is actually selling her gourmet donuts inside the Copper Grill at 3rd & Cumberland in downtown Little Rock.

Noble Impact is now a mandatory class at eStem High.

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