VILONIA, Ark. – One Cent, One Life is the name of a movement that 7th graders at Vilonia Middle School are starting to honor victims of the Holocaust.

They’re counting on you to save your pennies and donate to the project.

It’s not part of an accounting class or math assignment. The students are determined to finish the project by May.

“The documentary inspired us to do this,” says student Katelynn Bell.

The documentary was about the Holocaust, during which 1 million Jews perished, One-and-a-half million were children.

“I was kind of sad about how many different people just lost their lives and they didn’t do anything wrong,” says student Emma Duncan.

It’s a history lesson students didn’t want anyone to forget, so they’re on a mission to honor those who died by collecting pennies. Each cent symbolizes a Holocaust victim.

“Every life that died had worth,” Emma adds.

It’s a reminder of each person’s value, worth saving.

One-and-a half million pennies, representing Jewish children killed in the Holocaust, would be on display in a glass case at the school.

“It’s just great to know that we’re helping do something to remember that,” continues Katelynn.

The children plan to donate the rest of the pennies to the Jewish Federation of Arkansas.

They have 10-thousand pennies saved up, but plenty more to go.

The hashtag #onecentonelife is making the round on social media to get the word out about donations.

“This is a very terrible thing that happened in our past and hopefully just by this rememberance, nobody will make that mistake again,” Katelynn says.

They’re penny pinching what they can, to ensure each life is remembered in their community.

Students are working to reach out to celebrities and the president for their donations. If you’d like to help, contact Vilonia Middle School.