LITTLE ROCK, AR – There’s a new television ad out from the Asa Hutchinson gubernatorial campaign.

The Republican nominee released the ad on Monday that stars his granddaughter.

The Hutchinson campaign says the new ad highlights the candidate’s plan to have all high schools across Arkansas offer computer science courses that include coding or software programming. 

“This new ad is about creating opportunities for our kids. Students that learn computer coding learn to think logically and systematically about problems. The opportunities are almost endless for students that have these skills because the demand in the workplace is growing; and a boy or girl like my granddaughter Ella Beth can even use this knowledge to express their own ideas and create businesses. That’s how we can create jobs in Arkansas, by growing entrepreneurs with skills in demand across the country,” Hutchinson said in a statement included in a news release about the new ad.

“If only 20% of our high school students learn computer science, we will be graduating almost 6,000 students per year that can do computer programing. This has the potential of changing the economic future of Arkansas and creating thousands of high paying jobs,” Hutchinson’s statement continued.