Dogs Possibly Poisoned in Heber Springs Neighborhood


HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. — Neighbor in a Heber Springs community are concerned someone poisoned several dog this week.

Cody Wrinkle keeps hosing down his yard, not for landscaping but to keep his family safe.

“Poisoning dogs, it’s messed up,” Wrinkle said. 

Wrinkle can’t stop checking around his home off Savanna Drive, concerned whatever killed his 7 month old puppy Atlas might still be out in the yard.

“By the time I realized there was something serious going on it was too late,” Wrinkle said. 

Wrinkle says the symptoms came on quickly Monday morning when Atlas started throwing up blood.

“There was a huge puddle of blood and it was horrible,” he said. 

As Wrinkle tried to leave for the vet, what he saw outside was unimaginable.

“I was like, ‘come on buddy’ and he never moved, so I slapped the side of the house and he never moved again,” Wrinkle recalled.

When Wrinkle tried to warn his neighbors about what happened to his dog, he couldn’t believe the response his Facebook post got. He found 4 other neighbors all whose dogs showed symptoms of poisoning. Only in one case was a vet able to revive the dog. The vet who revived the dog believes it was given rat poison. 
“Someone is actually doing this on purpose, I don’t understand it,” Wrinkle said.

Wrinkle believes someone poisoned Atlas while he was in the family’s fenced in backyard. But without many answers, Wrinkle is keeping a watchful eye especially on his 16-month-old son.

“It’s hard for me to walk out in the backyard,” Wrinkle said. “It’s scary more than anything.” 

The family already has a new addition, bringing home a puppy Wednesday. Wrinkle calls it a step, but knows moving forward won’t be easy. 

“It’s like killing someone you don’t know and taking a member of someone’s family. It just ain’t right,” he added. 

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