Digital Original: Arkansas family completes 50-year scavenger hunt during quarantine

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Valley Township, Ark. – Social distancing and living in quarantine has many of us finding new ways to entertain ourselves.

For one Arkansas family a scavenger hunt game created by their grandfather, known as Pawpaw, finally was completed 50 years later.

“I guess he had a sense of humor because there was cars and trucks all over this place,” says retired U.S. Army veteran Michael Hayes about his his wife’s Pawpaw.

He says Pawpaw, named Edward Wait, enjoyed creating fun activities for family gatherings. 

Pawpaw would hide his old vehicles on the family’s 40-acre property and leave clues for people to find.  

Hayes says the scavenger hunt game only recently started back up because of COVID-19 forcing the family to slow down and be home more.

He says he believes, their “Pawpaw” must have wanted them to finally finish his game. 

“I’ve walked by there a million times and never seen it, and when I seen his initials in a 40-inch oak – with an arrow pointing I looked toward the arrow where it was pointing at and seen the car.”  Hayes explains.

Hayes posted to social media a picture of the rusted 1938 Ford Roadster and people say it looks similar to a car Bonnie and Clyde drove.

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