Digital Original: Restaurant makes biggest pancake in Central Arkansas & offers no charge if fully consumed

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CENTER RIDGE, Ark. – Pancake lovers listen up!

A Central Arkansas restaurant has been creating the largest pancake in the state and offering it for free to its customers.

“I set the timer and you start from there. You have one hour. If you don’t eat it you pay for it. If you eat it you get it free,” says Melissa Freeman, the owner of The Bucket List Cafe in Center Ridge.

For the past 11 years, Freeman has been cooking the oversized pancake for anyone feeling brave enough to take on the challenge.

“There has been one person who has finished it,” she says.

Officially on the menu as the “55-gallon lid pancake” because of its similarities in size.

However, Freeman says what many people don’t know is there were never plans to create a ginormous pancake. It all just happened by accident.

“We tried to order an extra pan off of eBay and it came in bigger than they expected,” she says. “It just, they’re like well, you know might as well we have it – might as well us it. They named it the 55-gallon lid pancake.”

The owner admits it is a little of a wait for the flat cake – taking up to 30 minutes just to make.

Freeman says there has only been one person to have ever completed the challenge.

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