LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A new wireless seat cushion is being used to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers in people of all ages by keeping them active and it’s currently being tested in Arkansas.  

Erin Gildner is the vice president of the United Spinal Association in Arkansas and is currently trying the digital monitor seat cushion called “Sensoria Mat”.

“Pressure ulcers can cause pain, hospital bills, sometimes leading up to death depending on the severity,” says Gildner. 

Eighteen years ago a car accident changed Gildner’s life, forcing her into a wheelchair. 

She says, at the time, she didn’t know anyone who was in a wheelchair and didn’t understand the complications that can sometimes come with it.

“This reminds them to do pressure release – to keep their skin healthy and to keep them at their optimal health,” says Gildner. 

Gildner, who is currently working from home, says the seat cushion is paired with an App that is installed on her phone and is easy to use.   

About every 15 minutes, Gildner gets a reminder sent to her phone asking her to move her body. This also tracks how her body is moving throughout the day and stores the data within the App.

“I am able to see how I have been doing throughout the day and it shows me where I may need to pay closer attention to my movement,” she explains.

She likes that the data is saved because it allows Gildner to be able to share with her doctors.

Gildner says overall she sees the device as a great way to help people save money now and in the future. 

“It saves taxpayers money,” Gildner explains. “It helps employees be able to stay at their job, you know if they are a wheelchair user and they are keeping up with their health and they are not getting a pressure sores then they are not missing work.” 

Pressure ulcers are a serious condition that sometimes leads to death in some people because they sometimes go unnoticed, Gildner says. 

She adds that wheelchair users should shift their weight from the left side to the right and then back again, about every 15 to 20 minutes or so to help keep healthy skin.

The seat cushion is currently still being tested and has yet to set a release to market date.

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