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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. These are just a few of the names we call these massive weather phenomenons. 

Many of which end up becoming household names as we watch to see just how they will affect our day to day lives.

Jim Reynolds, the Meteorologist-in-Charge at the Weather Forecast Office in North Little Rock says the naming of storms are very important because they help avoid confusion during hurricane season.

However, on social media, some people seem to question how to correctly pronounce Tropical Depression Cristobal and Reynolds says it’s not an uncommon thing.

“When the World Meteorologist Organization develops the names for Hurricanes and Tropical Systems and they provide those to the national hurricane center here in the United States – sometimes they have accents associated with them that make them difficult for us to pronounce,” said Jim Reynolds.

Reynolds told us in 1950, the U.S. National Hurricane Center started to formally name storms after forecasters learned that names helped improved communication.

Reynolds adds the names of the storms come from the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

He says that while names are important what is most important is that people should stay aware and safe. 

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