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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It pays to be kind.

Students at Holy Souls Catholic School in Little Rock are not only learning the lesson of kindness but are putting the “I” in kind.

“I love being kind and being nice to people – it’s easy,” says Bria Butler, a second-grader at Hoy Souls.

For the second year in a row, the school is using kindness to help raise money for their school.

Amber Bagby, the Assistant Principal at the school, says that the school is already on target of reaching their goal.

“Last year we set a smaller goal and we quickly doubled that, so this year we sent a goal of $50,000,” she says. “We are only one week in and are already close to reaching that goal.”

The school has raised nearly $48,000 and is using each day as a way to keep kids motivated to be kind.

However, what makes this project even more unique is the way the school is tracking their “kindness” goals.

Raise Craze is a unique way for schools, teams, and groups to raise money while spreading kindness in their communities, according to their website.

The online-based fundraising support tracker handles all online donations. The school then pays about 7 percent to the web-based organization, which is comparably lower than most fundraising organizations.

“This is a great way for kids to understand that being kind is important,” says Bagby.

The students use an online application to create a profile and are able to set personal goals, track their acts of kindness and even ask for donations.

Other schools have since taken notice, but it was Holy Souls that pioneered this new way of fundraising in Central Arkansas and already has seen much success.

“Our kids are really into it and we enjoy doing this with them,” explains Bagby. “For the kids, I think they forget about the monetary and focus on just being kind.”

Yet, second-grader Bria is quick to point out – you have to careful who you’re friendly with.

“Well, definitely not wasps or anything that stings,” she says.

For Bria being kind is something that comes naturally and says it’s better to walk away from drama and stay being nice.

“The word kind means to like help somebody or like be kind to everybody,” says Bria.

For more information or if you would like to donate, click here.

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