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HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- One of the oldest and most successful Mexican restaurants is in central Arkansas, La Hacienda is now sharing their secret ingredient for success.

Luis and Martha Oseguera opened up the restaurant in Hot Springs back in 1988.

However, they admit it wasn’t always easy.

“There was very few Hispanics in the area. So people would say so why would you want to open up a restaurant in an area that is non-Hispanic,” says Mr. Oseguera. “Well, that’s why we want to bring our experience and our concept and our family recipes to this area.”

La Hacienda is a true family restaurant that is both owned and operated by – well, family.

The Mexican style food is derived from passed down family recipes, some that go back for generations.

“We have 8 different restaurants and all are owned by family,” explains. Mr. Oseguera.

With more than 30 years in Arkansas, the Osegueras say this is their second home and they are forever grateful to the Natural State for all the support.

“We, of course, will always be grateful to Arkansas,” explains Mr. Oseguera. “When my family immigrated here we first went to California.”

Mr. Oseguera says he couldn’t have done this all on his own and credits his hard-working family.

“At the time my wife’s brother were in California,” he explains. “And with no hesitation, they came here to help us with the restaurant.”

However, it wasn’t only family that gave a helping hand. Mr. Oseguera tells the story of a wealthy immigrant who owned the building that the first restaurant was in. He says the woman gave him and his wife a chance by providing support, making their rent payments low, and helping them navigate.

“I wouldn’t say this is an “American Dream”, but an “American Opportunity,” Oseguera explains. “I feel like it was more than a dream, it was an opportunity and we obviously never wanted to take that for granted from our parents that gave us the opportunity and also from this country.”

Family, faith and food are the values of the Osegueras. However, the true secret to being successful is always to remain grateful and remember where you once were.

“We never wanted to take that for granted,” he adds. We wanted to give something for that opportunity.”

Now, La Hacienda has numerous awards to back a reputation of great tasting homemade Mexican food and the Osegueras are hoping to show future generations that with hard work – anything is possible.

This month KARK 4 News is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing members of our community who are helping to make a difference in Arkansas.

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