Digital Original: Local artists commissioned by Google to Doodle the King of Blues

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Google Doodles. You’ve have noticed the unique and sometimes interactive art on the giant search engine’s homepage.

Well, one Arkansan is making his mark on the digital art world, being the first-ever from the Natural State to be commissioned by the tech company to help create his very own masterpiece.

Steve Spencer is just one of the three artists that helped bring to life the Google Doodle celebrating the 94th birthday of blues musician B.B. King.

“It just made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck,” says Spencer.

[Watch behind the scenes footage of Steven Spencer, Google Doodle Guest Artist]

An avid blues fan himself, he once saw King preform in the 1980s.

He says it was an honor to be chosen for such a unique project.

“I wouldn’t have had time otherwise to take off three months to do something like this,” he explains.

Spencer says the hardest part about the project was not being able to talk about it to anyone.

“You get to talk about this thing that you signed a non-disclosure agreement and haven’t been able to talk to anybody but my wife, you know,” Spencer says.

Spencer says he worked closely with his three “Doodle Compadres” helping to bring to life the musician’s story using the one the biggest hits of the King of Blues’s career, “The Thrill is Gone.”

“This represented the longest Google Doodle that they ever produced and for some reason, we were also dealing with the compressed time frame,” he explains.

Spencer is well known throughout central Arkansas for a combination of using vivid colors with subtle tactile elements making his art both unique and distinctive.

“There is a lot of colors and a lot of people think of the Blues as just being like blue or black and it’s kind of dure and – but its really a lot of different pop of colors,” says Spencer. “Much like his music.”

Spencer says he is unable to sell any of the unused sketches but is in talks with a museum to have them displayed.

Watch the full animated Google Doodle, here.

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