Digital Original: Customer left surprised after receiving meaningful note with to-go order from restaurant owners

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – They say the best things come in small packages and for one local customer it sure did when she found a note of love and support with her to-go order by the restaurant owners.

Allison Victoria says she enjoys the food from At The Corner, a diner in Downtown Little Rock, and still feels overwhelmed by the experience.

“Really sweet and it made me feel all warm inside and I was like, oh my gosh because they actually acknowledged it,” she says.

Victoria says when picking up her to-go order she was greeted by restaurant co-owner Helen Grace King, who handed her order and included a container with a cinnamon roll inside and words written on top.

She admits the roll was “tasty,” however, says it was the words of support and love on the outside that left her emotional.

“And like I haven’t been to one other place that I went and eaten and they actually acknowledged that – hey we see you, and we hear you, and we love you,” explains Victoria.

Victoria posted the experience on her social media, including a photo of the to-go container.

King, who joined Victoria for the interview, says with recent protests throughout the city she and the other owners felt it was important to let their costumers know that they care.

The “Cinnamon Roll It Forward” campaign was first created for people serving on the frontline during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, says King.

King says she hopes that every customer understands and feels just how truly valued and special they are to her and the city.

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