Digital Original: Mom of 7 kids is helping other moms find peace and health during stressful times


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With summer coming to an end and parents preparing kids for the first day back to school – life around the house can be a little hectic.

Everything from picking up those last-minute school supplies to getting the kiddos back on a normal sleep cycle can all seem like a daunting task.

However, Autumn Wolfenbarger of Little Rock created a blog for parents called “The Passionate Homemaker.”

“I started a blog this May and the purpose of it is to connect with other moms,” says Wolfenbarger. “I just really want to encourage and inspire.”

The blog offers the tips and life-hacks that she uses as a mom of seven kids including a nine-month-old.

Wolfenbarger says she hopes this inspires all parents to connect; however, she’s currently casting he net with primarily with moms but says she is open to any parent to join or reach out.

“I hope to encourage parents,” Wolfenbarger says. “The next month I will be focusing on self-care and self-nurture.”

“Parents can often place their health on the back burner,” says Wolfenbarger.

The blog aims to encourage parents to prioritize their well-being to keep happy and healthy kids.

“I’ve been a mom for 18 years. I got seven very different personalities. And I’ve been through a variety of seasons in my life I feel like I can connect with many different moms on a deep level,” she explains.

Wolfenbarger says parents can connect via social media – either by Facebook or Instagram. However, she admits she is more active on Instagram as a tool to help reach her audience.

The blog currently discusses what parents can do for time management and how to deal with stress.

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