Digital Original: High school girl wrestlers no longer have to wrestle boys says AAA


MALVERN, Ark. – Some good news for girls high school athletics.

The Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) voted this past June to sanction women’s high school wrestling.

The decision was announced by Arkansas Wrestling Association President and Arkansas Wrestling Academy founder Greg Hatcher.

Doug McGuire, a wrestling coach at Glen Rose High School, says this is helping young women in athletics all over the Natural State.

“This is great news for not only high school wrestling but overall girls athletics,” says McGuire. “Now girls can wrestle other girls and not have to wrestle boys.”

Doug McGuire is considered the father of Women’s Wrestling in Arkansas. He became the state’s first women’s coach by helping develop both talented young women and coaches currently in high school.

“A lot of the wrestling coaches in high school don’t have wrestling background but that’s okay,” explains McGuire.

McGuire is currently using coaching both young athletes and coaches helping to develop talent.

Like, Kailey Rees, 14, of Malvern and a nine-time all American wrestler.

She recently took 4th place at the 2019 World Team Trials. It was her first year going.

“It about both physical and mental strength,” says Rees. “When you go out there there is no one out there to help you – you’re alone.”

Reese says this new announcement will benefit young women athletes now and in the future.

“Its opened up more opportunities for girls because now girls have that choice just to wrestle girls instead of boys,” she explains. “So you have these people looking for girls and you have all the new scholarships.”

Girl’s and women’s wrestling is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States.

This makes Arkansas the 17th state to officially approve girl’s state high school wrestling.

For more information on Arkansas wrestling, click here.

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