Daughter believes mom’s Little Rock cold case can be solved 


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Three Decades ago a woman was brutally murdered in East Little Rock. Her daughter was only an infant at the time.

The case is still unsolved. Her daughter is now a mom of her own. She has made it her mission to solve the crime.

Looking back in time, Erika Brown Killian is using her own investigative work to try to solve her mom’s murder.

“I need answers. My kids need answers,” Brown Killian said. 

The case file shows in January 1989 Anita Shells’s throat was cut and she was left for dead. 

“She did not deserve to die like this.” 

Little Rock Police investigated the case that eventually tuned cold.

“If I can shine enough life long enough, maybe the ice will start to melt,” Brown Killian said. 

Brown Killian is taking matters into her own hands. She got the case file from police and has been going through it. It shows the crime scene, even the shoes Shells was wearing when she was murdered.

Brown Killian believes the case is solvable.

“People can run, but I want justice for my mom. Somebody has to know something.” 

She plans to sit down with cold case investigators or someone who can help her.

“In my eyes, no justice no peace,” Brown Killian said. 

She says there will forever be a hole in her heart, until her mom’s case is solved.

“I’ve always wanted whatever to come out as early as I can remember,” she said.

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