Dardanelle Reacts to Arrest of Teacher for Alleged Student Relationship



DARDANELLE, Ark. –  According to the Dardanelle School District Chrystal Vega has been placed on administrative leave. Vega was formally charged with first degree sexual assault after allegations of her having sex with a 16 year old student. 

Since her arrest, Vega has posted bond and been released from Pope County Jail. 

The following is the district’s statement: “Chrystal Vega is on administrative leave. 
I’m sure you understand that we cannot be any more specific than this, due to student and/or staff privacy laws. The thing to remember is that nothing is more important than our students. When allegations are made, they are taken very seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

Original story:

DARDANELLE, Ark. — Mari Lane is a groomer in Dardanelle, but she is also a parent. “As a parent that’s just mortifying.”

She tries to digest that a local teacher is accused of having sex with a teen. 

“At the same time you’ve also got to look at both sides, did it really happen?”

Prosecutors formally charged Chrystal Vega with felony sexual assault on Friday. 

According to court documents the 40-year-old “Admitted she had a texting relationship and that some of their texts had crossed the line.”

Mari Lane calls it, “Totally inappropriate. Totally inappropriate.”

An internet search of Vega shows that she’s an 8th grade teacher at Dardanelle, but when we click the link Saturday, the page no longer exists. 

“I would be livid as a parent because there’s nothing you can say to my child after school.” continued Mari Lane.

According to court documents, last month a 16-year-old reported to Russellville police that a he had sex with the teacher at a park. 

Vega admitted that she met the victim at the park, but denied sex according to the same court document. 

“If she’s admitted to it then by all means that’s not okay.” 

As this case starts to play out in a Pope County courtroom — this mom will wait to see what happens.

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