Cyclists in Conway getting shocked by power lines above roads


CONWAY, Ark. – Cyclists in Conway are feeling a jolt of energy but not quite the jolt they were looking for. Several bikers say they are getting shocked by the power lines above the roads.

Tara Leamon has been cycling for more than eight years and she says Bay Hill in West Conway is the perfect place for her two wheels.

“It’s a great route to ride, It’s not heavily trafficked and so it’s just nice to have one where you can go side by side and talk to people and do a recovery area before you hit some more hills,” Leamon said.

There’s just one problem with that road.

“It felt like you were being stung,” Leamon said.

During one ride, she had quite the shocking experience.

“We were all like ‘woah what is that,'” Leamon said.

Turns out, the power lines above the road can transfer through the bike.

“It’s just the combination of the metal and the power lines. It just feels like your being shocked on your saddle area,” Leamon said.

She says it doesn’t happen every time she gets on the bike but it’s enough to change the way she rides.

“I mean you can do it you just have to do it standing up,” Leamon said.

She says most of the time, however, she just veers away from those spots all together.

“We would go another route instead,” Leamon said.

We reached out to the City of Conway to see if they knew about the problem. City officials say they just heard about it and will check Monday to see if anything can be done.

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