Cyber Security Classes Help Feed Local Workforce


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – The training for future cyber warriors has started in local classrooms. 

A recent grant for Jacksonville High School allows kids to get hands on with preventative hacking and coding. These are skills teachers say will carry over into any career field.

“The amount of attacks that are happening against just random people just normal people is staggering,” said Jacksonville High school Teacher Sam Grubb.

Cyber security is a career field that is booming.

“There is a whole wide world of cyber security. A whole different levels of positions,” added Grubb.

Grubb spends his days training teens. Its possible because of a recent grant totally more than 3$300,000 dollars. That goes towards the cyber security program and was made possible by a military grant, The class has a community partnership with the Little Rock Air Force Base that will hopefully will feed local kids into Arkansas’ second largest employer.

“These skills that we are teaching them. They are going to be stuff that they are going to use throughout their life,” added Grubb.

This is the first year for this program and the district hopes to continue it. 

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