CONWAY, Ark – A storage unit in Conway was broken into this week, leaving at least 13 people empty handed.

TV’s, bedding, and furniture are just some of the items that were taken out of units.

One mother in Conway now pleading for her items stolen to be returned, saying the things that were taken are priceless.

“They just took away what I had left of her,” Karen Dingman said.

Dingman says she moved her stuff into Red Dot Storage on Museum in Conway in March. Along with clothes and other household items, Dingman stored some of her memories left behind from her now deceased daughter.

“I kept her wallet that it had the last of her allowance in it,” Dingman said. “I kept her journal that she would write in on a daily basis about her best friend or her little boyfriend.”

Karen’s daughter Desiree died 17 years ago in a go-cart accident; she was just nine years old.

“It was like I relived that whole year over again,” Dingman said.

Dingman’s unit was one of 13 broken into this week according to Conway Police. The Police Department said this year, the storage unit has been the site of more than 50 thefts and break-ins.

Dingman’s concern now is the security of the storage unit.

“The gate doesn’t work,” Dingman said.

Conway Police are working to identify a suspect or suspects.

In the future they’re reminding people with units to stay aware, number items, take photos and check on units regularly.

As for Karen Dingman, she says she just wants her things back.

“I can’t go out and rebuy her handwriting, I can’t go out and rebuy the wallet that she had or the money that’s inside of it that she last touched,” Dingman said.

Conway Police are asking anyone with any information on the break-ins to contact the department.

Our station reached out to Red Dot Storage about the break-in’s and have not heard back.