OLA, Ark. – Controversy surrounds an animal rescue group in Yell County.

Nova Star Rescue has been in operation for years. The city council in Ola voted to enforce an animal limit ordinance. The ordinance has been on the books since 1991.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are being cared for by Nova Star Rescue in Ola.

“We have maybe 30 right now on the property, including the puppies,” Dawn Homard said.

Homard is on the Board of Directors. She says it was a shock to hear the city officially voted to enforce a long time ordinance that would directly affect the rescue.

The ordinance reads that you can have up to four adult dogs on your property, among other rules.

“We are going to fight this because we are doing it for the dogs. The dogs need a voice. They need a safe haven.”

However, others in the city agree with the Council’s vote. Kenny Williams says there are homeowners in Ola that wish the rescue was elsewhere.

“I don’t understand why we have dog issues here in Ola. I think it would be better to have it out of the city limits.”

A number of people throughout the state are showing support for Nova Star. The rescue says it will fight this, just as hard as it fights for the dogs.

“The police call us regularly about dogs. They bring dogs to us. We don’t turn them away. That’s what we do,” Homard said.

Nova Star’s director has been out of town. We reached out to the mayor. He told us Wednesday he didn’t want to comment publicly until he can personally talk to the director.

We reached out to him again Thursday and have yet to hear back.