LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-  Just about every other week Robert Pearson drives 15 miles for an appointment that’s become routine.

“I don’t really think nothing about it, but I just know what I need to do,” Pearson says.

While most people prop their feet up on the couch on Sundays. 

“Yeah, you’ll need a blanket sometimes.”

Robert spends his –saving lives.

“It’s a no brainer.”

The faithful volunteer gives platelets to the American Red Cross. The process can take up to two and a half hours.

 “We don’t pay our donors. So without them donating their time, there’s patients that wouldn’t have the blood products they need,” explains Team Supervisor Lisa Marler.

In two to three days, Pearson’s platelets will be reinfused into another Arkansan. More than half of the recipients are fighting cancer.

“My uncle he passed from cancer and it was pretty rough. So anything I can to do to help cancer people, I’m going to do.”

After making his 18th donation of 2017, Pearson thought he was getting a special jacket. KARK showed up instead.


KARK surprised him with $250 worth of gift cards.

“Well I’m just glad I have time and am able to do it. I’ve been very blessed.”

Nothing compares to the feeling he gets when he’s helping someone else.

“It’s priceless.”

Even though the Red Cross closed its Little Rock donation center in December, Robert will continue donating platelets at the Arkansas Blood Institute.

“If anybody who’s got a chance to do it, do it. It really makes you feel good on the inside, that’s for sure.”

Robert is also growing his hair out for Locks of Love. He says there’s a big need for people with red hair. This will be his second time to donate to that organization.