LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Trying to keep up with Shelby Morrow always means being a step behind. 

“It’s always been a value of mine, been a value of my family’s to spend your time as best you can for yourself and others,” Morrow explains. 

Even while a college student, Shelby reached out for volunteer opportunities, completing two six-month Americorp terms. 

She spent two and a half years helping others at Our House, a shelter for at or near-homeless families, and is involved with trying to establish a badly-needed grocery store in North Little Rock’s Argenta District. 

“Self-care is what we talk about,” says Morrow. “Often, I feel lost like myself, and most of what I need in myself when I’m helping other people.”

According to Our House, Shelby worked to bring in $850,000 in unrestricted funding, impacted the lives of more than 3,000 people and families through programs and relationships. 

“It feels just really, it’s about justice,” Morrow says. “It’s kind of about knowing I have a certain amount of skills, and listening, or something I can physically do. It’s not necessarily about what I can do, it’s just being there if needed.”

Her service to the community is far from over. She is attending the Clinton School of Public Service. After that, she’s on to the Bowen School of Law.