LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Nearly 30 years ago Edman Sipe took a vision and built a school.  He started Little Scholars Schools in Southwest Little Rock.

“This has been my baby since 1989.  Trying to help children in this area,” he says.

Little Scholars not only focuses on education but also nutrition.

Ronniesha Bevins is the assistant director at Little Scholars Schools.

“Our kids faces sometimes when they see dishes is kind of like ‘what’s this’ and I’m like, perfect opportunity, let’s explain,” she says.

With the help of the Arkansas Food Bank, Little Scholars has an expanded menu.

“We are so thankful for the Food Bank because it allows us to get many of our foods at a very reasonable price and it allows us to take the additional moneys that we have available and channel those into food preparation,” Sipe explains.

“We wanna make sure that they get a home cooked meal,” adds Blevins. “A child cannot pay attention in the classroom if they are hungry.”

Sipe said, “And out of our program we are seeing that children are eating far more fruits and vegetables than ever before.”

The faculty and students have also planted a garden, and produce from the garden is used in the kitchen. 

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