LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The following is commentary from Bob Clausen regarding the mass club shooting that occurred the early morning hours of July 1:

What happened at Power Ultra was a wake up call to the city and state of Arkansas. Not just the people who run it, protect and serve it, or populate it — but all of us.

The whos, wheres, whats, and whys will all be worked out. It’s a firm hand that must now address the “how comes” we all better be ready for.

First, how come — with a poster like this advertising the event — in a city already dealing with random deadly gun violence! There was not a “TSA like” checkpoint making sure no guns were in there? Wyatt Earp figured that out in the late 1800s; no exceptions!! It worked.

How come a restaurant was acting as a club? The mayor addressed that and plans to tighten policy; shouldn’t of been happening in plain sight.

How come — if there is anyone out there, who knew of brewing trouble and guns inside, did someone not just say something? That’s a crime. If you are out there, you bare the burden of responsibility as well.

How come minors were allowed in a club? How come minors were out at all? Moms, dads, guardians, this one is on you. No matter how bad you feel, you could be feeling a lot worse.

How come Little Rock’s curfew laws have not been enforced? They’re there. If doubling down on these and other issues to keep people safe and alive hurts someone’s feelings or you feel is against policy or poor political judgment, tell it to them or the countless other unsuspecting victim enjoying life until a stray bullet ends it.

How come no one was killed? Because for what ever the reason, we have been put on notice. Now have these people with us today giving Victory Over Violence a choir of voices who say “put down the guns, get civil, get right, and get along.” Because by the grace of ‘whomever’ you pray to — by millimeters — this city missed a mass funeral event few others have ever seen. Even after the murders of toddlers and innocents, we can’t say we haven’t been warned — so let’s act.