Clean-up Continues after Storms near Heber Springs


NEAR HEBER SPRNGS, AR – “It came from over across the road and it was bad,” said Benjamin Morman. He is convinced was much more than straight line winds hit just before midnight last Monday.

“They’re classifying it as an F1,” said Morman.

The storm hit quickly and it was everything his wife could do to keep their family safe.

“Duck and cover, the mattress… She didn’t have time,” Morman said. “She was right here trying to hold the door from coming open.”

“And we were totally scared to death,” said Iris Floyd.

She lives next door and said in her 40 years at this spot, she’s never seen anything like it.

“All the sudden the house started shaken and everything started banging into the side of the house,” she said.

Craig Walton lives across from Iris and said it was all over in just a minute.

“16 to18 trees got dropped,” he said.

Four landed on top of his house.

“We had to literally chainsaw our way out of the house,” he said. “I thank god everyday for still being here because it was definitely the scariest night of my life.”

One week later and the clean-up has been slow going.

Insurance adjusters find it hard to even make it out to the properties.

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