City adds new storm siren, makes upgrades to fire dept


CHEROKEE VILLAGE, Ark. (KAIT) – The city of Cherokee Village approved several upgrades in their August city council meeting.

The city will be adding a new storm siren, after a request was put in to the city.

The new siren will be in addition to two existing sirens.

Cherokee Village paid for the two existing sirens through donations and a grant, but decided to appropriate money through the city council for this newest one.

Mayor Stokes said part of the reason for needing multiple storm sirens is to make sure everyone is able to hear them if there is ever a need to use them.

“The city is so large geographically, and I’m sure people have weather radios but it’s important to have the storm sirens as well as just an added piece of protection,” said Stokes.

The third siren has been ordered, and Mayor Stokes said the city is planning on ordering one more after this once there’s money in the budget.

Cherokee Village Fire Department will soon have new breathing apparatuses thanks to the city council.

The breathing apparatuses being used by the fire department right now are currently 20 years old.

The new apparatuses will be lighter weight and the new oxygen bottles will allow for double the oxygen time, giving the firefighters 45 minutes worth of oxygen compared to just 20 minutes.

The new breathing apparatuses will also be more up to date, and will be certified by the National Fire Protection Association.

“When you have people fighting fires inside structures, they need to know that they’re going in there with the best possible equipment to have,” said Stokes.

Right now, the city is only able to buy ten new breathing apparatuses, but they have plans to buy another ten in November.

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