SHANNON HILLS, Ark. – On any given day of the week, you can find Karen Spears at the Healing Waters Outreach Center in Shannon Hills fulfilling her passion for serving others. As a volunteer, she helps run the center’s mentoring program. 

“She is constantly serving and working and no pay,” Dennis Ochterbeck, volunteer, said. “It’s 100 percent volunteer, which what does that mean? It’s heartfelt. That’s what that means. It means that what we do, we don’t do for money. We do for others. That’s Karen.” 

When she’s not at the outreach center, she is next door running her business called Integrity Staffing. She started it four years ago and runs it with her son. 

“I love the staffing industry. I love getting people jobs. I love my customers,” Karen said. 

Karen is a mother of four, grandmother of one and a wife to the Shannon Hills Police Chief. 

“We have family dinners once a week over at my parents’ house just to keep that whole family bond going,” she said. 

It’s a bond that can’t be broken and a woman who those closest to her say is the glue that keeps everything running.