CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Illegally dumping tires in East End


EAST END, Ark.- A man driving through East End stumbled on someone illegally dumping tires.

He caught the whole thing on his car’s dash camera.

In the video, you can see two men getting into a white pick up after leaving tires off Pratt Road.

Pictures of the area show others had the same idea, dumping trash and tires.

Cowper Chadbourn spends his spare time picking up that has been illegally dumped along with other garbage.

After seeing the footage he said, “Hallelujah somebody finally caught one, the biggest problem we have is the ability to catch people in the act.”

Chadbourn says ditching these tires doesn’t take care of the problem, it just dumps it in someone else’s lap.

“That landowner now has to decide, am I going to live with a tire dump on my property or am I going to spent the time and money and effort to go clean it up myself,” said Chadbourn.

In a lot of cases, that lap turns out to be Chadbourn’s.

Chadbourn and some volunteers spend a lot of time cleaning up the natural state.

“It’s just general enjoyment of the beauty of nature and it’s not beautiful if you’ve got a dozen tires piled in front of it,” said Chadbourn

Chadbourn follows the motto, get a little. Which means picking up a little bit each time, can add up.

“We sometimes go crazy and spend our whole day doing that because we’re having fun and we’re leaving places better then we found them,” said Chadbourn.

Of course, one of the biggest items they roll onto daily is tires.

“Even a car tire that’s full of sand and gravel can weigh a couple of hundred pounds,” said Chadbourn.

Not only is cleaning up tires labor-intensive, but it can also be a health hazard.

Chadbourn says heavy metals like arsenic can seep out while the tire decays.

“We honestly talk to our volunteers and say please make sure your tetanus shot is up to date because you are probably going to get stabbed by a piece of rusty metal at some point,” said Chadbourn.

As long as people continue to illegally dump tires, Chadbourn and his group will continue to pick up and work just as hard trying to find the culprit.

To find a location to drop off tires for free, click here.

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