HOT SPRINGS, Ark.— A horrifying moment was caught on camera after a pipe burst causing severe damage to a home in Hot Springs.

It happened as temperatures stayed below freezing for much of the week.

The family says they were initially videoing the leak in their kitchen on Thursday and moments later, the ceiling collapsed.

“In the video you can hear us all screaming, I didn’t know what to do,” said Autumn Maack, the homeowner. “We couldn’t stop the water, we couldn’t get it turned off, and I was just sick.”

Maack says there was water everywhere and blames the freezing temperatures across the state.

“We started to hear a sound and we knew it wasn’t good. We got out of the way, kept rolling, and that’s when it all collapsed,” Maack recalled.

She says their home sustained extensive damage and it will be a long process moving forward.

“It shattered my glass kitchen table that was there and sent glass shards all over the place,” said Maack.

Maack says the family is working to stay positive.

“What’s keeping me going is I know it could have been a lot worse, It’s just material stuff. Nobody was hurt, we can get it fixed,” said Maack.

She says a contractor will not only need to repair their ceiling, but also floors, walls, and cabinets.