Carroll County Sheriff’s Office K9s get added protection while on the job


CARROLL COUNTY, Ark. (KY3) – K9s Oscar and Striker are good boys, but they also know how to catch the bad guys.

Both can find drugs:

“We’ll do what’s called a free air sniff of the vehicle, which he alerts on the vehicle,” said K9 Deputy Nathan Knight. “And that gives us probable cause to search the vehicle and locate any narcotics in the vehicle.”

And Striker can go after people on the run.

“So if you have a combative subject that’s somewhere barricaded, we can send him in there,” K9 Deputy Reo Blow said.

“Somebody fleeing on a warrant, we can put him on a track and he can find them,” he added.

Because they’re so valuable to law enforcement, they need to be protected.

“They’re our family,” Blow said.

Recently Deputies Blow and his K9 Striker and Knight and his K9 Oscar got special first aid kits from Protecting K9 Heroes.

Inside is everything from allergy meds, to antibiotics, to a blanket.

“That bag comes with us because you never really know what happens. Unknown environments. So I mean you could get him out, he could cut his paw pad on glass. And we could actually sit on the side and aid him,” Blow said.

And the deputies have already put these packs to good use.

“He got stung by two wasps,” Knight said about Oscar.

Striker and Oscar are also susceptible to sniffing in harmful drugs, but the kit has a nasal spray that can reverse the effects of an overdose.

“If either one of our K9s are exposed to anything, we can administer Narcan as soon as possible,” Knight said.

The dogs will also soon be getting protective vests from Vested Interest In K9s in the near future.

“They’re stab proof. The way the vest wraps, it protects all their vital organs, so bullets can’t penetrate. Someone wants to hit on our dogs while they’re apprehended, they won’t feel anything,” Blow said.

Those vests should arrive in the next eight-to-ten weeks.

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