Car Vandalized in Little Rock Movie Theater Parking Lot

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A man goes to see a movie and comes out of the theater to find his car sitting on cinder blocks. Someone had stolen his tires. All this happening just one month after a robbery in the same theater parking lot. 

“Oh my gosh,” said moviegoer Christy Wright who was shocked to hear what had happened. 

It’s the kind of response you’d want to hear when going to the movies. Unfortunately, these gasps are happening outside the theater.

The photo above posted on Forbidden’s Hillcrest’s Facebook page shows a car on cinder blocks. A visitor discovered the dismantled car after returning to the parking lot at the Breckenridge Theater.

The Monday night flick turned horror happened even though the car’s owner says he was parked just a few yards from the front door.

It’s a tactic Barbra Stacks said she uses often.

“I park my car here because I thought it was in eyesight of anyone going in or out the theater,” said patron Barbra Stacks.

Similar scenes have played out at this theater. Last month, Little Rock police arrested an alleged robber in the parking lot.

When asked if security cameras or any adjustments were going to be made, management directed us to their corporate office. 

We are waiting on a response. 

Visitors said they’re taking action before their show starts.

“I just always take precautions,” said Wright.

The owner of the car on blocks said his car is in the shop being repaired.

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