Cammack Village will not participate in National Drug Take Back Day Saturday


CAMMACK VILLAGE, Ark. — Cammack Village is a small and well-patrolled community within the City of Little Rock. 

“Our little 8 block area of the world!” Scott Cross, who lives in Cammack Village said. 

“They do a great job protecting it.” 

But the hands-on approach neighbors have come to know of its Cammack Village Police Department is taking a step back during National Drug Take Back. 

“I think it’s kind of lazy just not wanting to do your part to help,” Cross said. 

According to its Facebook page, the misuse of the collection box led to one city employee getting stuck by an uncapped needle. 

“Seems like you could probably find a different way to keep the receptacle open or a different type of receptacle to prevent that from happening,” Cross said disappointed the department won’t be participating in Drug Take Back this year. 

Cross has brought his unused meds to the event in the past to make sure his young kids are safe. 

“One of the kids can just reach up in the cabinet and grab something. The caps aren’t as hard to open as it used to be,” he said. 

Fortunately, as the program grows, so do location options. 

According to the DEA, there are 14 places within 5 miles where people living in Cammack Village can drop off their drugs

“I mean if we have to go somewhere else to do it, we have to go somewhere else to do it,” Cross said. 

To see the nearest drug take-back locations to you, click here. 

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