NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At least 300 new jobs could soon be coming to North Little Rock.

The Dollar General Corporation has its eye on the land near the Amazon fulfillment center near Highway 70.

“We actually have a waitlist of people wanting to get in there,” Robert Birch, the Director of Development for the City of North Little Rock said.

The plan is to build a $140 million warehouse distribution center.

The City of North Little Rock says it would employ about 300 people at first.

“I could see that expanding probably close to 600 jobs in three or four years as the growth happens,” Birch said.

Birch said the building will be a dry and cold storage facility, as Dollar General works to expand its fresh food options.

This bumped up the investment and Birch said, will help with area food deserts.

“Because we have so many areas that are hard to get to grocery-store wise,” he said. “You’ve seen recently Kroger’s closing stores down, they closed one down in England.”

The goal is to boost city revenue and improve the quality of life for people in North Little Rock by getting them back into the labor force.

“The jobs have good benefits, good pay that people are wanting,” Birch said.

The Dollar General facility is just part of the bigger picture.

Birch says this area will be home to other projects, and more employment, coming in the next year.

“It’s amazing to see what has just been kind of leased out farmland for the last ten years, and suddenly it’s gonna have close to 35 hundred to 4,000 jobs out there,” he said.

A public hearing to discuss the proposal is scheduled for January 10th.

If all goes according to plan, construction on the Dollar General facility could begin as early as January or February.