LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It is no secret inflation has changed the world and daily life, and those who cut hair for a living are also seeing their earnings trimmed by increasing costs.

Dennis Harris, an independent stylist at Salon Underground in Little Rock, said two years of inflation finally led to him raising prices.

This step was a difficult decision for Harris, who is loyal to his customer base and believes in the importance of self-care.

“We tried to bear the brunt of inflation at first, but there comes a time when supply chain demands have an effect on our business and we have to pass that increase along to our customer base,” he said.

Some of the costs are coming from areas most people wouldn’t expect, with Harris saying the “craziest” increase was in aluminum foil, which he said went up 20%.

The stylist said he is thankful to have understanding customers while they navigate this phase of life.

“Most people understand that for two years we didn’t change our prices, and there comes a time where we have to keep our doors open,” he explained.

Harris said the biggest tip he has for customers is to be patient and know those trying to care for people getting a trim could also use some care themselves.

“Be patient with your stylist and your makeup artist and other people in the aesthetics field because we’re all kind of experiencing the same thing, and we’ll be here for you.”