LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock staple is shutting its doors after 22 years of business.

Damgoode Pies has had multiple locations all around central Arkansas and come Wednesday they will all be officially closed.

The company announced through Facebook that it will be closing its doors after not being able to get out of debt post-COVID.

They just closed one of their locations off Kavanaugh just about three weeks ago and now they are closing the original.

Serving up pizzas is what Damgoode Pies does best, but come Wednesday, the building will look empty.

“This company has been through a lot,” General Manager Brandon Evans said.

“COVID was rough on every restaurant,” Evans said. “I don’t know one that was totally unaffected and that has definitely been a struggle for Damgoode.”

Evans has been making pizza for years and he said when they put out the news it was, “difficult, very difficult.”

“I appreciate all of the love, all the support,” he said, “Everybody is leaving special notes on their orders on how much they are going to miss us and that means a lot”.

Tons of pizzas are taken out of the oven, cut up, and boxed for people just like Ashlyn Riggs who come to Damgoode Pies often.

“I was completely devastated,” she said. “I was just really sad.”

Riggs said she plans to come as much as she can before Wednesday, like Anniston Lambert and her mom who used to work there.

“It makes me really sad,” Lambert said. “The people were nice to us, the games were really fun, the pizza was good, it’s probably the best pizza place.”

The owner also talked about how he plans to spend a lot of time with his young daughter and his family.

The restaurant has been open for 22 years.