LOWELL, Ark. – Officials with Arkansas-based J. B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. announced Friday that the company is working towards incorporating autonomous transportation into their operations.

Company officials said they have partnered with Waymo Via in hopes of integrating commercial autonomous driving technology in transportation and logistics. Within the next few years, the company officials said their plan is to complete fully autonomous transport in Texas.

Company official Craig Harper explained that officials at Waymo helped the company get an understanding of how autonomous driving technology could be implemented within their operations. He also believes that the collaboration will help the company become an efficient transportation network.

“Our pilot last year with Waymo Via really helped us get a hands-on understanding of how autonomous driving technology could be implemented within our operations,” Harper said. “We believe autonomous driving technology will help us create the most efficient transportation network in North America, and our collaboration with Waymo Via is a pivotal step towards fulfilling that mission,” he added.

Lat year, Waymo and J.B. Hunt completed their first trial runs last year moving freight along Interstate-45 in Texas for one of J.B. Hunt’s leading customers. Company officials said the upcoming pilots will take place in the same lane.

Waymo official Charlie Jatt expressed his excitement behind the collaboration and what it can bring to the industry during a critical time.

The collaboration goes beyond the highway, as company officials said the two will explore autonomous driving technology and the digital marketplace. Officials with both companies are also looking to improve transportation efficiency with their digital platforms- J.B. Hunt 360° and Waymo Via.

For more information on J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., visit www.JBHunt.com, and for more information on Waymo, visit www.Waymo.com.