LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A month after experiencing reaching record-breaking gas prices in the state, drivers  in Arkansas are finally beginning to get some relief from the pain at the pump.

Currently in the Natural State, a gallon of regular gas costs an average of $4.18, which is down 36 cents from the average one month ago.

According to data from the AAA Gas Price Monitor, the average for a gallon of regular Friday was down 3 cents from the previous day and down 13 cents compared to prices last week.

For drivers who use diesel, the average cost of a gallon is $5.21, which was down 2 cents from Thursday and 12 cents from the average one month ago.

In central Arkansas, drivers are seeing one-month price drops ranging from 26 to 37 cents. In Pine Bluff, the average price for regular Friday was $4.27, down 26 cents, while in Hot Springs the price was $4.18, a drop of 28 cents.

Little Rock had the biggest savings, with the Friday average $4.10 being 37 cents less than June.

Newton County reported the most expensive average gas price in the state on Friday at $4.63 per gallon, while Greene County had the cheapest gas prices with an average of $3.81.

Around the country, the current average gas price in the United States is $4.58 ,which is down 43 cents from the record high average at this point last month.

According to AAA, the decrease in demand, alongside declining oil prices, has helped to push pump prices down.

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