MORRLITON, Ar. — The place many people go to get more for their dollar is making some changes. Dollar Tree store announced that the price everyone is used to, is going to increase.

“It’s sad for one, because its Dollar Tree, not dollar twenty-five,” a woman who lives nearby, Tameka Williams said.

Dollar store, no more. Many people’s favorite place to shop and go, has people across Central Arkansas talking.

“They need to stick with a dollar,” Another shopper said.

Dollar Tree announced their items will cost more and you will need an extra 23 cents on Tuesday.

Now shopper favorites like crafts — stationary — and party goods will average around $1.25, thanks to rising costs of goods.

“That’s false advertising, you can’t do that,” Shopper, Cori Henderson said.

Henderson said she comes to Dollar tree and expects everything to be 4 quarters, nothing more and she isn’t the only one who said this.

“They offer a lot of things in there for a dollar,” Williams said. “We were excited to get this in this town, but now they are going up, it’s kind of sad.”

We spoke to people who live in Morrilton, many of them said this price change takes away from their excitement to shop there.

“It doesn’t need to go up. It needs to stay a dollar. That’s what everyone gets excited about,” Henderson said.

“I’ve been coming here for a long time, ever since they came here and it’s going to be a little different,” Williams said.

Frequent shoppers like Williams said it’s also scary to see almost everything have a price increase. She said she knows it’s not just Dollar Tree.

“Things are going up, but the pay is not,” Williams said.

This leaving many people, unsure what they will do.

“It gives people hope they can go to town and buy pans for a dollar, or ornaments for Christmas trees. They don’t need to be going up on their prices,” Henderson said.

We asked Henderson if she will continue to shop at Dollar Tree.

“I don’t know, that’s a good question,” Henderson said. “You can get good things for a dollar other place; I think they might lose a little bit of business.”

Meanwhile Williams said she’s doing what she can to make things work.

“By the grace of God, we are making it,” Williams said.

In a statement, the company said it already started rolling out the $1.25 price tag at their stores nationwide.