BENTON, Ark. – CoorsTek is hoping to keep their employees for the long haul, opening the “CoorsTek Academy” to give workers the tools they need to succeed.

The ceramics manufacturer rolled out the program at their Colorado locations but recently expanded to 300 workers in Benton.

The Academy is for both new and current employees, training them in technical skills and providing job shadowing, mentorship and career pathing. Chief People Officer Irma Lockridge said it’s all done to give back to the workers who gave so much to them.

“It’s a way to ensure that this is not just a job but a career and a future for folks who want to be at CoorsTek for the long haul,” she said. “It’s really about partnering with us to grow the business and our investment to grow them in commensurate.”

This isn’t the first Benton expansion for CoorsTek, as the company recently added 60 new manufacturing jobs and a new powder production facility.