LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The city of Little Rock’s deciding what to do with millions in federal COVID-19 rescue money.

Some say the city could use some funds for improvements. In a letter, the nonprofit Little Rock Partnership requests one million dollars to address disrepair.

Some of the areas the group discussed that need improvement include potholes, graffiti, obstructed and cracked sidewalks, dirty streets, untrimmed trees and bushes and much more.

In the second round of American Rescue Plan funding, the city gets more than eighteen million dollars.

Partnership vice president David Sargent says Little Rock needs to fix itself up, otherwise other improvements will not mean as much.

“We’re not even asking for what we consider is a fair share,” Sargent said. “But $500,000 doesn’t really go very far. We need a master plan.”

Sargent said the million dollars would go toward creating a master plan for city upkeep, but planners will not get into specifics until funding’s approved.