LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A campaign introduced Monday by the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce is offering $10,000 for people to come live and work in the Capitol City. 

The Little Rock Love Connection campaign is for out-of-state professionals who are willing to settle in Little Rock. The campaign will also pay $501 to any local resident who matches an out-of-state candidate to a job.

The program’s website,, allows professionals to enter their contact information to be placed in front of companies hoping to fill a position. The program requires one year of residence to be eligible for the $10,000.

Chamber officials said they have partnered with technology, healthcare and manufacturing sectors to provide job opportunities. The program will connect new arrivals with support networks, including realtors, volunteer opportunities and networking events to help professionals build relationships in the Capitol City.

Other American cities offer cash-incentive talent programs, including Tulsa, Oklahoma, Topeka, Kansas and Newton, Iowa. Chamber officials said the Little Rock program is unique, however, by also working to attract former residents who have moved away.

A similar program begun in Tulsa in 2018, Tulsa Remote, is estimated to have relocated more than 2,000 workers to the city and $62 million in new local earnings in 2021.