CENTRAL ARKANSAS – After the Hog’s big win in the NCAA tournament this weekend, Head Coach Eric Musselman took off his shirt to celebrate with the crowd.

Although, some local businesses now said they can’t keep shirts on the shelf.

“Today, definitely you can tell, the numbers are definitely a lot greater than normal just because people are excited off that big win,” Hogman’s Gameday Superstore Director of Retail Operations Kassi Duncan said.

People are making their way to razorback stores so they can show even more support for the Hogs after taking down Kansas Saturday.

Things were disappearing left and right off the shelves.

“We were so surprised, we were so excited because we are actually going to be in Vegas for a work conference, so I had to come get my coworkers some hog noses,” customer Anna Pounders said.

From Hogman’s to Rock City Outfitters, it’s been a full-court press for anything new.

Rock City Outfitters put out the AR-Kansas is better than your Kansas t-shirt for the Liberty Bowl, and when the Hogs beat them in basketball, owner Ryan Ritchie said sales skyrocketed.

“We sold 90 within the first hour and a half that we put it back on the website,” and “just with the excitement, the Hogs in the tournament, playing well, you know it’s just through the roof,” Ritchie said.

Both Ryan and Kassie said even though Musselman celebrates by taking his shirts off, they encourage those buying shirts, to keep them on and keep support strong.

“You can always count on him to do something fun just to get people talking and talking about so yeah you can take the shirt afterward, I don’t care,” Ritchie stated.

“Arkansas people let’s keep our shirts on okay, we definitely want people to wear razorback stuff, maybe not take off your clothes, but if you’re going to keep your clothes on, let’s make sure it has a razorback on it to support the team winning, and hopefully get ready for the big game Thursday,” Duncan said.