LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Cannibal and Craft is shutting its doors in the River Market for good Wednesday, making this the third business in the area to close within a year.

A normally bustling entertainment district, now growing quiet as doors are closing left and right.

“It’s just kind of something we have expected and we have just grown to see this trending here,” musician Osyrus Bolly said.

Bolly grew up in Little Rock and is a musician that has been booked by Cannibal and Craft before.

“It’s very disappointing because, as an artist, there are very few places that we can work on our craft and entertain people,” he said.

Cannibal and Craft is the third restaurant in a year to close down in Little Rock’s River Market, alongside The Library next door and Charlee’s Good Time Drinkery.

“I just see it as a loss economically,” Bolly said. “I hope to see that this trend stops, I believe the trend will stop, but we just have to see some better planning going on and more community input.”

Osyrus said it is sad to see so many places close, knowing that this is such an attraction for tourists in Little Rock.

“We have seen it modeled in other cities. This is an entertainment district, entertainment districts all over the country are thriving and doing well,” Bolly said. “So, this is an opportunity for this to be a lesson on how we can improve the city of Little Rock’s entertainment district.”

Management has still not released the reason as to why they are closing their doors.