Business owners see silver lining through tornado damage


JONESBORO, Ark. – Several business owners around Jonesboro are picking up the debris left behind from Saturday’s tornado. Some of them lost establishments they’ve owned for years.

As the storm passed and the dust continues to settle, it’s easy to see the destruction all around.

“It was just gone I mean there’s not anything there,” East Arkansas Insurance Owner Lomer Turney said.

Turney is also seeing the light between the clouds.

“You know it seems like anytime you have a bad storm the next day the sky is so blue and everything and it’s really, really beautiful,” Turney said.

His insurance company is now a pile of rubble.

“Me and my brother started this business 40 years ago,” Turney said.

In four decades you can imagine the kind of things this family business collected over the years.

“Pictures and things and things that they’d given me and things that we’d done together that really touch your heart,” Turney said.

While cleaning the debris, they’re finding those little keepsakes somehow still intact. Maybe the craziest find, is a picture Turney’s brother bought the day they opened their doors.

“We didn’t have no money at all and he paid I don’t know how much for that stupid picture 40 years go,” Turney said.

it may not be the favorite of their art collection.

“I have to hide it in my office. My kids every time they paint or anything they try and throw that away,” Turney said.

It’s the significance behind it, however that kept it hanging on the wall.

“He’s been dead about 11 years now. I think of my brother every time I see it,” Turney said.

This picture is now a symbol of resilience as they look towards the future of rebuilding.

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