GEORGETOWN, Texas (Nexstar) — Few people have had the access to the Bush family as David Valdez. The Georgetown, Texas, resident served as Bush’s photographer during his eight years as Vice President and one term as Commander in Chief.

“I developed a good personal relationship with George and Barbara Bush,” Valdez said in April following Mrs. Bush’s death at 91.

The 41st president died Nov. 30 at 94 years old, just seven months later.

“They were such special people seeing how they interacted with their family in public and in private,” Valdez recalled.

He thought back to his first day on the job, in Florida around Christmas time.

“The Vice President came out and greeted me and I literally (had) been in the job interview process a week before that, and I landed in the helicopter, he invited me in and he said you need to meet Barbara Bush,” he said.

“My first day on the job I’m sitting there having breakfast with George and Barbara Bush,” he continued.

Valdez said he was honored to witness the closeness of the Bush family first hand. His unique view of moments in history was captured in thousands of photographs.

“President Bush was in an interview and in his interview he said that he and Mrs. Bush consider me a part of their family and… I was honored to hear him say that, but I also was fully aware that it was my job that required me to physically be with them all the time and so it was great,” he explained.

Valdez said his relationship with the Bush family changed his outlook on life.

“I probably interact with people differently because of them,” he said as he teared up.

“The legacy of the Bush family will certainly go on,” he said.

Many of Valdez’s photographs are archived in the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.