BRANSON, Mo. (KOLR) – Since the announcement that a 46-thousand square foot aquarium was going to be built on the site of the old Grand Palace on the Branson strip, many have wondered what would become of the iconic building.

The answer came on Tuesday.

Developers announced that the entire front part of the building would be demolished — and members of the media were invited to watch it happen.  

Construction crews tore down the face of the palace around noon — in order to make room for the soon to come “Branson Boardwalk” — which will feature “The Aquarium at the Boardwalk.” 

KOLR10 was on site when the demolition took place. They spoke with developers, who say it was necessary, because the wood of the palace was unsalvageable, due to black mold.   

As a result, the opening of the attraction will take place sometime in the summer of 2020, instead of the anticipated March of 2020 start date. 

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