Bourbon Heritage Month with Colonial Wines & Spirits


September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, and it comes at a time when Bourbon is more popular than ever.

1. Bourbon is the official Native American Spirit.

Declared by Congress in 1964.

By law, Bourbon can only be distilled in the United States.

It’s made in every state except Hawaii.

2. More choices and flavors than ever Deeper selection is the rule now for Bourbon.

It’s one of the most asked for items, and distillers have expanded production and capacity to satisfy the increased demand.

That’s resulted in more brands and more flavor profiles to enjoy.

3. Quality isn’t determined by the price.

While some high-quality Bourbons are expensive, there are some that have great quality at very affordable prices.

4. Bourbon Tasting Bar Event: Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador Joe Meteye tasting Friday, September 27th 4-7pm at Colonial.

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