Booze Bandit back again, stealing from liquor store for seventh time


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock liquor store is facing major losses as it continues to be a target of theft.

The owners say one man has stolen alcohol seven times in the last month.

We brought you this story about the Markham Liquor Store after four consecutive days of theft, then the stealing stopped but the booze bandit is back.

The most recent visit was on Saturday. Employees acted fast and the bandit ended up empty-handed after a chase.

“He took the bottles and he was running. I ran behind him and we hit him with two bottles, a water bottle and a coffee cup,” said Rajesh Jeripotula, Manager.

This time the staff was ready for the booze stealer. Rajesh Jeripotula and his staff jumped into action and followed the man on foot.

“He jumped from a wall by the Shell gas station and he hurt his leg, then he jumped in the trash bin and was hiding in there,” said Jeripotula.

Jeripotula says when the rum runner jumped a retaining wall he broke the alcohol bottle and injured his leg.

Then, the staff says, the man jumped into a dumpster in the Shell parking lot before surrendering the bottle and limping away.

The shoplifter was gone before the police arrived.

“If you don’t do anything he will keep coming here,” said Jeripotula.

Now the store is making even more security changes.

Jeripotula says they hired three new people and added two employees to each shift.

“We are trying to put a security guy at the door,” said Jeripotula.

One of the employees who stands by the door for part of his shift is Kiko Leverett.

“I stay at the door and I just sit there, waiting, watching people, making sure nobody is doing something they’re not supposed to,” said Kiko Leverett.

In addition to having someone standing at the front door full-time, they will also be checking receipts making sure nothing gets past them.

Jeripotula says this store isn’t the only one being hit by the bandit.

“Other stores on this street he has been robbing them too,” said Jeripotula.

Now they’re banding together to stop the theft.

Employees say since they chased down the bandit and he injured himself running away, they don’t think he will come back again but only time will tell.

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