Booting ordinance now in effect in Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Little Rock Board of Directors voted to pass the appeal process with the booting ordinance.

This means if you have unpaid parking tickets in Little Rock that total more than $250 dollars, you could get a boot.

Jon Honeywell, the Director of Public Works said there is a “hotlist” with people who currently have more than $250 dollars of unpaid tickets.

Honeywell said more than 400 people are on that list right now.

The person in the capital city with the most unpaid fines, total nearly $6,000 dollars, which is why the board is moving forward with the ordinance.

State law outlines, parking tickets are only valid for three years so after that time frame the fines just go away.

This ordinance allows the city to get that money before the three years expire.

“One thing we want to put into place is a way to target these individuals to encourage them to pay so a form of encouragement is the booting process,” said Mayor Frank Scott Jr. Little Rock.

“We boot the car, we put the information on the car, it’s a sticker that’s put on there to inform the driver that their car has been booted so they don’t try to drive away and damage their car. It gives them all the information on how to either pay their ticket, appeal the booting, basically how to get the boot off,” said Jon Honeywell, Director of Public Works.

Honeywell said after the boot is on the car, drivers have a 24-hour window.

In that window, drivers have to pay the $100 dollar fee to remove the boot and pay all their fines.

Otherwise, the car will be towed and drivers have to pay the towing fine as well.

Honeywell said the city is working on making it easier to pay fines by using an app, which will be unveiled soon.

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