Bold Thief Breaks Into Locked Mailboxes


SALINE COUNTY, Ark.– A neighborhood hit by mail thieves and one neighbor said his locked mailboxes did not stop the suspect. 

Matt Bailey lives in the Ferndale area off Congo Ferndale Road. He said just a few weeks ago someone stole his mail from his mailbox so he bought 3 new mailboxes with locks. 

The locks did not stop one bold thief though. 

He said, “All three of the mailboxes were bent up. This one’s still not in real good shape.”

Matt’s mailboxes sat off Congo Ferndale Road in Saline County where his family has owned the private property for nearly 40 years. 

“It’s where me and my family grew together,” he said. 

Mail in that rural area has a Little Rock address. 

He said, “My first reaction was I’ve been robbed again.”

The mailboxes sit near Serenity Drive but Matt said the brazen thieves have taken that peace away. 

He showed us the remaining damage, “It’s still a little bit bent.”

Matt said last Tuesday his mail went missing again. Something he said he thought would not happen again to him. 

“I thought we would prevent it by getting lockable mailboxes,” Matt said. 

The person or people though were able to get around the locks. 

He described how he felt, “They’re (bills and letters) mine. They don’t belong to anyone else’s eyes but mine. I felt violated.”

Most of the mailboxes are fixed now. 

Matt said, “It’s kind of flimsy now because someone bent it up and bowed it out to get into it.”

He said the person or people doing this is not just messing with his neighbors and his family. 

“That’s my baby. I built it with my hands,” he said. 

He referred to his small business, his construction company he has worked hard to build. 

Matt said, “I was left without the choice to call all my clients and say ‘hey don’t send me any checks. Let me drive around and pick up (the checks).”

He said he would do whatever he needs to so his business continues to thrive. He will not let a criminal hurt something he put his heart and soul into to build. 

“There were a few letters opened up but most of it was just thrown in a ditch,” Matt said. 

He found mail from at least 4 different neighbors in the area in a ditch last week. 

Even though he made the repairs he said he is exploring other solutions. 

He said he may end up getting a P.O. Box and rearranging his schedule so he can be assured he receives all his mail. 

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office took a report. There are no suspects yet. 

If you have any information contact the Saline County Sheriff’s Office. 

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